Unsung Heroes Home

The Unsung Heroes Home is a larger house, with an opening in the middle where a garden is located, surrounding the house is a small stone wall.

As you enter from the east though the main entrance you enter the reception lobby. From there you can either turn north into the stay rooms or you can head south to the dojo. If however you are looking for a relaxing time, you can continue west into the gardens.
Going to the end of the dojo in the south, and going through the slide doors you’ll arrive at the Unsung Hero Shrine, made in the memory of those fallen while under the Unsung Hero Banner. From there you can turn north into the living quarters. Here there are 8 private / guest rooms. Continuing north through the living quarters you’ll arrive at the kitchen. Following the kitchen eastward you’ll arrive at the stay rooms, from where you can head south to the reception lobby.
The garden has 4 entrances / exits, one which is from the reception lobby, one from the dojo, one from the living quarters and the last one is from the stay rooms.

Current Rooms:
Reception Lobby
Stay Rooms
Unsung Hero Dojo
Unsung Hero Gardens
Unsung Hero Shrine
Living Quarters
- Karatsu’s Room
- Kuroda’s Room
- Mirumoto’s Room
- Yuki’s Room
- Kyosuke’s Room
- House Caretaker’s Room
- Guest Room 1
- Guest Room 2

Future Plans:
Second Floor, expanding mainly the stay room area with a balcony as well as the living quarters with extra rooms.

Unsung Heroes Home

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