Going to add player disadvantages here.

Choose a Skill from your School’s starting Skills. You have a hard time with that particular Skill, due mostly to lack of confidence. Whenever you attempt to use the Skill, you must make two Raises (without any benefit) to make the roll at all. The GM may determine after a suitably impressive or life-altering use of this Skill that you have gained confidence in your ability, and this Disadvantage is expunged.

You have a fascination with some subject and will go to great lengths to learn new things or experience your fascination. Typical subjects include music, horses, poetry, and the history or love of a particular subject. This fascination borders on obsession. A character fascinated by spell-craft would be sorely tempted to steal a prayer scroll from a Phoenix shugenja if he believed he could get away with it. The fascination will not spur you into completely insane actions. For instance, fascination with Naga culture will not cause you to kidnap a sleeping Naga.

This is a particularly bitter Disadvantage in that your ancestors do no speak to you or guide you in any way. No ancestor will ever communicate with you under any circumstances. Most people with this Disadvantage ten to keep it a secret, as other Rokugani naturally assume their karma must be terrible indeed for such a fate to befall them. You may not be subjected to effects that require contact with ancestors, such as the Hounted Disadvantage or certain magical effects.

You have extreme, romanticized views of bushido and honor. You are quick to pass judgment on those who do not adhere to these concepts as wholly as you do, and go out of your way to help others overcome their own failings in this regard. Whenever you lose any Honor, you lose an additional point of Honor, but any Honor gains of 5 points or more are increased by one point.

You almost never retreat or choose to fight another day. When faced with an obvious superior force, you must make a Perception check at TN 30 or you stay and fight. You may not take the Great Destiny Advantage.

Others often come to you to share thoughts and feeling they wouldn’t dream of telling someone else. You are considered a good listener, which means you hear all sorts of interesting stories… and you don’t mind repeating them. In order to avoid spreading secrets when given the chance, you must succeed at a Willpower roll with a TN equal to 5 times Glory of the character with the highest Glory involved.

You have a profound respect for human life. Whenever you try to kill another human being, you must make a Willpower roll at a TN of 20 or you can’t bring yourself to do it. If you do kill someone, you TNs are increased by 10 due to the guilt wracking your conscience. This penalty lasts until the next day or until you can somehow atone.

True Love:
Finding true love in Rokugan is a painful experience. Those who are truly in love with another often find themselves torn between their love and their duty to their lord. Whenever you find yourself having to choose between your true love and your duty, you must spend a Void Point to choose your duty. If you ever lose the favour of your true love, you cannot spend Void until you return to his or her good graces.


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