Between honor and a hard place

Til første gang

I skal til første gang:

Være enige om disadvantages og overordnet karaktertræk (ændringer må gerne forekommer
efter 1. session)
Oprettet karakteren her på siden og have fundet et billede.
Der skal findes et navn til jeres awesome gruppe af ronin

First Session

The tale begins…

Warm spring day, a bridge is being finished, its the only “real” happening in the area. Kozan got elected to be guardian of the bridge.
Kitsu Genichi has a heated argument with Akodo Machigama, we are then assigned to get some goods and keep them “away” from the magistrate for 2 weeks.
We travel to one of the digs, where we find some “robbers” robbing the dig-site. Most are killed and we hunt down the one escaping… Cut-scene… After some epic acrobatics, and some well placed sword-strikes from Taishi, the 3 pursuers get their man.
Tamori-san later spills the beans and tells Yuki about his employment at Kitsu Genichi. 8 koku reward.

+9 koku, 3 bu, 8 zeni Each
+3 XP Each

Second Session

The tale continues…

We meet Utamara-san, Taishi-san takes a duel with him and loses. Later during the evening they become drinking buddies. While away the the Gunzo rummage through our living quarters. The next morning, it is discovered that the letters that Taishi-san exchanges with his “loved” one.

We are invited to the party of the summer up at the governors place. Utamara-san invites us to said party. After some awkward time, we “enjoy” the party.

We have orders to take a village that doesn’t exist officially.

Xp 4

Third Session

The 2 Nikutai, seem very different, also seem from very varied backgrounds.

Shusen a traveling merchant, follows the “army” and later during the day speeds past the “army”. Yuki follows him into a the night, where he hurries past normal travel time to get into the village, Yuki tracks him down, and have a “talk” with him. He mention the Shosuro. And shows himself to be a smuggler of goods.

Invading the forest. Finding an outpost, getting a prisoner. Getting information from the prisoner, concerning the layout of the village. Hurrying back to get the “army” and march on the village. While marching we encounter scouting groups. We take the village with no resistance. The enemy forces are still there.

XP 6


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