Hikaru Yuki


Name: Hikaru Yuki
Clan: None, Ronin – (Crane)
School: “Daidoji Harrier School (Bushi)”
Insight: 161
Rank: 2
Experience Points: |3 / 139|

Rings |72| / 130
Earth Ring: 2 Water Ring: 2 Fire Ring: 2 Air Ring: 4 Void: 3 |12|
Stamina – 2 |0| Strength – 2 |0| Agility – 4 |16| Reflexes – 4 |16|
Willpower – 2 |0| Perception – 2 |0| Inteligence – 2 |0| Awareness – 4 |28|
Skills |38| / 31
Earth Skills Water Skills Fire Skills Air Skills Void Skills
Athletics – 1 |0| Battle – 1 |0| Defense – 3 |6| Acting – 1 |1| Meditation – 1 |1|
Hunting – 1 |0| Jiujutsu (Novice Mizu-Do) – 4 |12| Artisan Skill, Gardening-1|1| Tea Ceremony -1|1|
Investigation – 1 |1| Kenjutsu (Katana) – 1 |2| Commerce – 1 |0|
Medicine – 1 |0| Courtier – 1 |1|
Sleight of Hand-1|1| Deceit – 1 |1|
Stealth (Ambush) – 1 |0| Etiquette – 1 |1|
Lore, Semboku – 1 |1| Games, Go – 1 |1|
Iaijutsu – 3 |6|
Kyujutsu – 1 |0|
Performance, Song- 1|1|
Storytelling – 1 |1|
Advantages |36| Disadvantages |-10|
Benten’s Blessing |2| Doubt (Battle) |-4|
Bishamon’s Blessing |3| Fascination (Poetry) |-1| - Includes Romance
Daikoku’s Blessing |3| Forsaken |-0|
Dangerous Beauty |2| Dependent |-2|
Hands of Stone |6| Unspecified |-3|
Voice |2|
Mizu-Do Martial Arts Instruction |3|
Novice Mizu-Do |3|
Great Potential – Jiujutsu |8|
Ally – Togata |2|
Ally – Akodo Ryosei |1|
Servant – Naomi |1| House Caretaker
Honor Glory Status Shadowlands Taint
1 / 9 1 / 6 0 / 0 0 / 0
School Techniques
Rank 1: Iron Feather.

A Harrier strikes from the shadows, cutting down his foes before they can respond. When attacking a foe from Higher Ground, while Flanking, or if they are unaware of your presence, you roll additional damage dice equal to your School Rank.
The Harriers also teach you to react with you mind and not your instinct, you may add your Fire Ring to your TN to Be Hit.

Rank 2: Silent Talon.

When combat begins, you may designate a single opponent. Your TB to Be Hit against this opponent is increased by five times your School Rank until they hit you successfully. You may not designate an opponent you are unaware of, but you may choose to delay the use of this ability until a new opponent arrives or an existing opponent proves to be a threat. In such a case you may declare the use of this Technique on your turn.
Additionally you may add your Air Ring to all attack rolls.

Quantity Item Cost Currency
1 Fine Katana – Tousei no Shinzen Mirumoto Crafted Koku: 11
1 Fine Wakazashi – Tousei no Shinzen Mirumoto Crafted Bu: 18
1 Kimono & Sandals Starting Pack Zeni: 38
1 Light Armor Starting Pack Mochiki: 35
1 Waterproofed Traveling Pack Starting Pack
* Blanket W. Traveling Pack
* Bottle of Water W. Traveling Pack
* Chopsticks W. Traveling Pack
* Coin Purse W. Traveling Pack
* Fan W. Traveling Pack
* Fishing Pole W. Traveling Pack
* Flint & Tinder W. Traveling Pack
* Spare Kimono & Sandals W. Traveling Pack
* Straw Cloak W. Traveling Pack
* Wide-brimmed straw hat W. Traveling Pack
3 Blanket 30 Zeni
1 Bowyer’s Kit 20 Zeni
2 Kimono, Spare 20 Zeni
1 Musical Instruement 25 Zeni
5 Pillow Book 100 Zeni
1 Small Knife 5 Zeni
3 Rope, 50ft. 250 Zeni
1 Tatami Mat 2 Zeni
1 Umbrella 20 Zeni
0 Small Pouch of Excellent Tea 100 Zeni
4 Small Pouch of Fine Tea 50 Zeni
1 Whetstone 1 Zeni
3 Medicine Kit 20 Zeni
1 Fine Kimono & Sandals (Red & Green main colour, light red) 100 Zeni

“Family Name” Hikaru
“Given Name” Yuki

Daughter of Hikaru Kenshiro and Hikaru Kiyoko.
Her brothers are Hikaru Kyosuke & Hikaru Yoshi
Kiyoko supposedly died when Yuki was 8 years old. Kenshiro went missing when Yuki was 13 years old, and she hasn’t heard from him since.
She is around the age of 18.

If you ask about the family Hikaru in her hometown, most people are most likely to shun you. At least the impression from the village is mainly that its a tragic story which brings nothing good with it. If pressed they might be able to tell who had anything to do with them, friends of Kenshiro would most likely not want to talk about what transpired while friends of Kiyoko could be convinced to be a bit open about the story. All of them would most likely look a bit bewildered if you were to mention Hikaru Yuki, as they would either not respond to the question or excuse themselves, with the line “Sorry, but I don’t know who you are referring to”. If asked in regard to the daughter, most will get a bit sad and distant look “Kuroko-chan is no longer among us”.
… After Hikaru Kenshiro went missing…
Yuki was responsible for her two brothers, at the time Kyosuke was around the age of 7 while Yoshi was around the age of 10. Money was tight, they were generally living of the good will of the neighbour’s and what had been left for them. After a year of misery, Yuki decided that it couldn’t continue like this, and thus began a long journey. She had learned how to fend for herself, however finding food for two additional mouths proved a rather straining task.
… At the home of Hikaru Bairei
Bairei had recently married, for political reasons, Hikaru Aiko. And was actually quite happy with the arrangement, Aiko had shown herself to be a wonderful wife. Nothing seemed to be able to bring his mood down, then arrived Yuki, Yoshi & Kyosuke. Polite as he was, Bairei invited them in, after all they are family.
Yuki presented her story, while Yoshi & Kyosuke was out in the gardens, she begged Bairei to help her. Bairei was actually rather against the thought of taking one of the “cursed” children in. However his new wife, completely oblivious to the story behind, coerced him to help out. As such he adopted the eldest son, the least “cursed” ones, into his family.
(this is actually the main reason for Yuki’s “hero” worshipping in these two, they are able to keep a good home, and was able to take over in the time of need. While traveling and time has only helped to raise her view of the family, especially when she heard that Bairei had been the one leading Yoshi through his Gempukku)
… And then there is Kyosuke…
Overview – not story mode, while traveling and finding trustworthy friends, they were able to find several places to stay. With time Yuki started hiring herself out as a mercenary, and while doing this kind of job made sure Kyosuke could stay relatively far away. To her disappointment this included staying with an elderly man who claimed to once have been a samurai, whether this was true or not, he taught Kyosuke the importance of the samurai and how important Bushido is for Rokugan as a whole. Which has made Kyosuke rather interested in becoming a full fledged samurai, even if its an “Idealistic” view. After Yuki became part of the unsung heroes, and thus generally more reliable source of income, she has been able to provide for Kyosuke, and he has started to take more responsibility for himself, which tends to lead him into trouble. But at least he is trying…

Rest of the story is still under construction

Has a rather complicated family history (slowly going to unwind the threads). Carrying around a Daisho she believes to be her fathers, even though he never actually gave it to her, she is yet to have received the gempukku ceremony, a thing she shares with her younger brother Kyosuke.

In memory of Taishi

Gempukku Ceremony

As a note, got friendly with several Lion Clan Samurai at a local “party”.

1 year down time, Notes:
Buying Land – Buying Construction of a Large House – “Privacy” Walls
Rooms: (at least 4) Sleeping Quarters (for several Individuals), Kitchen, Dinning Area, Training Area, Guest Rooms, “Game”/stay rooms, Smithy?, Central Garden?

What kind?, how many?, earnings?

Drunk Ronins?, Other?, Gempukku?,

Initiation of Kuroda into the Unsung Heroes:
Special circumstances? or Event(s)? or ?

Mirumoto & Crafting:
Recognition?, other event(s)?

Karatsu & the Ladies:
Does he finally get lucky?, other event(s)?

The Unsung Heroes:
Goal?, Event(s)?, Housewarming party?, Taishi’s memory?, the trainee Hikaru Kyosuke?, Other?


Hikaru Yuki

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