Hikaru Kenshiro


Hikaru Kenshiro is the younger brother of Hikaru Toshiro & Hikaru Sanzo.
Hikaru Kiyoko‘s Husband
Hikaru Yuki, Hikaru Yoshi & Hikaru Kyosuke’s father

Went missing when Yuki was 13 years old.

Family secret that Yuki actually isn’t aware of, Kenshiro’s fathers daisho was given to him, after he was able to attain a rank in the prestige’s Crane clan, some time later he lost it however. With his father being dead at the time he kept the daisho, something that his brothers and their families in general has disliked him for ever since. This dislike has also been carried over to his offspring and his wife.
This added with locale rumours surrounding both his eldest and youngest child, has put him at odds with his family.

Hikaru Kenshiro

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