Between honor and a hard place

Third Session

The 2 Nikutai, seem very different, also seem from very varied backgrounds.

Shusen a traveling merchant, follows the “army” and later during the day speeds past the “army”. Yuki follows him into a the night, where he hurries past normal travel time to get into the village, Yuki tracks him down, and have a “talk” with him. He mention the Shosuro. And shows himself to be a smuggler of goods.

Invading the forest. Finding an outpost, getting a prisoner. Getting information from the prisoner, concerning the layout of the village. Hurrying back to get the “army” and march on the village. While marching we encounter scouting groups. We take the village with no resistance. The enemy forces are still there.

XP 6


doktor_fritz Soulbringer

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