Between honor and a hard place

First Session

The tale begins…

Warm spring day, a bridge is being finished, its the only “real” happening in the area. Kozan got elected to be guardian of the bridge.
Kitsu Genichi has a heated argument with Akodo Machigama, we are then assigned to get some goods and keep them “away” from the magistrate for 2 weeks.
We travel to one of the digs, where we find some “robbers” robbing the dig-site. Most are killed and we hunt down the one escaping… Cut-scene… After some epic acrobatics, and some well placed sword-strikes from Taishi, the 3 pursuers get their man.
Tamori-san later spills the beans and tells Yuki about his employment at Kitsu Genichi. 8 koku reward.

+9 koku, 3 bu, 8 zeni Each
+3 XP Each


doktor_fritz Soulbringer

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